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void Kevin::Write(char *thoughts, char *browser, int time) allows an object of the Kevin class to create printed english text. The function opens a blogger account (automatically associated with the particular Kevin object) using the web browser resouce identified by browser, and while time > 0 and interrupts are disabled, uses blogger to translate thoughts into text.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Seconds Ago

Scene: TA Room. Mildly odious upper level grad student, conversing with one of his students. My notes inserted, for additional comprehension.

Odious: Most people are fully funded. My tuition is paid for, and I get a stipend.
Student: It's like you're a monk! (You are hilariously large moron)
Odious: Yeah, except I get girls. (HA!)

Um, that's all.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Yes, another LeBron Post

Against the defending champion Spurs on Monday, Coach Brown assigned LeBron to defend sparkplug point guard Tony Parker. The Flying Frenchman is leading the league in points in the paint this season, as he's quick enough to get to the rim on anyone in the league, creating either a layup for him or an open jump shot for one the Spurs' four excellent three point shooters. LeBron's height and quickness kept Parker out of his comfort zone, as he held Parker to a season high in turnovers and a season low in points, including just two points in the paint, leading to a resounding and desperately needed Cavs victory over a top team. Oh yeah, LeBron's 44 points, the most scored on the defensively outstanding Spurs this season, may have played a role in the win as well. When Michael Jordan dedicated himself to defense, becoming one of the top defensive perimeter players in the league, you may recall, the Bulls won six NBA titles. One of Jordan's strengths was adding a new skill every year; if LeBron is to one day reach his level, he must dedicate himself similarly. Monday was an important step towards that goal.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


KevinWrites Valentine's Day BlogTacular(!)

Last night at the bar, I was talking to a mildly crazy man. At one point, he began talking about a girl that he knew, and he said, "So this broa-, I mean, so this chick I know..." Man, good thing he didn't screw up and say "broad," because that would be politically incorrect.

When I was eating at Subway, just now, a man walked in wearing a full length purple velour cape, with matching beret. I wanted to ask what his Valentine's plans were, but I was a little afraid to make eye contact.

I will quote unedited and without comment from this USA Today article:
"Yes, the toy made my Christmas merrier, but as we celebrate Valentine's Day, here's a less merry idea: Modern youth culture's love affair with the iPod may explain why this holiday will be lonelier for many people of my generation."

"iPods make music lovers swoon. There's a problem with following their dictates, though, when it comes to finding a partner. Too much choice makes people less likely to commit."

Well, perhaps I will make one comment: The story was located in the news section, next to an article on drug addiction in Baltimore.

Well, perhaps one more comment: This just in! Ridiculously unrelated events are claimed to have some sort of correlation, or possibly even causation!

Dear Alison, I love you. See you in two days! Love, Kevin(Writes)


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