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Monday, October 31, 2005


Ladies And Gentlemen, Your 2005-06 Cleveland Cavaliers

Likely Starters:
Zydrunas Ilgauskas, C-Big Z resigned this summer for big money and big years, a contract which may turn out to be a big mistake before it's over, due to age and injury related declines. You know what you're getting from him at this point: 15 points and 8 boards, a couple cheap turnovers, lousy defense. He's not a competitive advantage at this point in his career-just a guy who is a reasonable NBA starter. Like last year, if he gets hurt, so ends the Cavs season.
Donyell Marshall, PF-Free agent pickup from Toronto. A very underrated player for most of his career, Donnie is the first Cavalier in several years with a reliable outside shot. Unfortunately, he's now 32, which is a point at which he could suddenly become old at any time. If he repeats last year's production, the Cavs will have an adequate defender and spot-up shooter at the 4 spot. Another reasonable NBA starter.
LeBron James, SF-The Franchise. Easy All-Star selection, 1st team All-NBA selection a year ago. LeBron improved both his overall shooting percentage and his three point percentage last year, becoming one of the top five players in the league. Extremely gifted passer and scorer, and a solid-to-very-good rebounder. Two worries: doesn't yet come up big in key moments, and doesn't play top level defense. Still, LeBron turns 21 on December 30. If he's not clearly the best player in the league by the end of this season, he will be by next season.
Larry Hughes, SG-This summer's big free agent investment, Hughes led the league in steals last year while putting up a scoring average in the 22's. Exciting, slashing offensive talent. He should get so many cheap dunks from LeBron's passing that the rims in the Gund will be bent. He's a top talent but: he's a very similar player to LeBron, last year was the first really big year he's had, and he's not an outside shooter. Looked lost in the playoffs last spring also. The success of this team is riding on a big year from him. This team will be slightly odd to watch, with the big guys wanting to take outside shots and the perimiter guys slashing to the basket. Well, LeBron's 6'8", 240. I guess that doesn't count as small.
Damon Jones, PG-AKA the weak link. Damon got to play with Shaq last year and made all those open threes that the double teams on the big fella created for him. Jones is stretched as an NBA starter, lacking quickness to get into the paint and defend opposing guards adequately. As a fifth wheel on this team, he might be adequate, but there's no certainty here.

Drew Gooden, F-Still may win the starting job, but I hope not. The picture of an average NBA player, Gooden is mediocre in evey facet of the game. I'd rather see Marshall win the job for shooting and defense.
Eric Snow PG-Snow's days as a useful player officially ended sometime last fall, as he lacks quickness and he never could shoot. Roster filler at this point. Hopefully, Damon Jones will work out. Any game in which Snow gets introduced in the starting lineup should be immediately forfieted to the other team.
Ira Newble F-Remember last year, when he started 70 games? A lot of things will have to go wrong for that to happen again. Reasonable jump shot + reasonable defense = an ok 3rd guy off the bench, filling in for 15 minutes a game.
Luke Jackson, F-2nd year player, hurt for nearly all year last year. A tall guy who is a decent outside shooter, he has yet to show that he can play NBA defense.
Anderson Varejao, F-Another injured 2nd year forward, this version brings rebounding and defense and energy. Have you noticed yet that all the bench guys are forwards?
Sasha Pavlovic, F-Another forward! We saw a little too much of Sasha last year due to injuries and because Ira Newble and his 42% shooting percentage were starting, and his shooting/slashing, turnover-prone, no defense song and dance didn't impress. Should be buried this year.

This team should be much improved, featuring one of the best players in the league, a player in the top eight at his position, two reasonable NBA starters, and a guy who could make a decent fifth wheel. With a reasonable starting five and a bench full of power forwards, expect to see lots of minutes for all the starters except Marshall. With no real backup for Z or Hughes, an injury to either of them will doom the season. As improved as this team is, they compete in an awfully tough league, with Detroit, the two time defending Eastern Conference Champions, Miami with Shaq and Wade, and Indiana, who have probably the deepest team in basketball. Expect Hughes and James to log oodles of minutes throughout the winter, struggling to a 4th seed and a second round playoff exit, in a sweep, to whichever of the three top dogs wins the #1 seed. As usual, everyone should watch all of their games. See you in December or so!

Monday, October 10, 2005



Hi Folks!

You may have noticed a slight gap in the proceedings. Did you know that in a top philosophy PhD. program, everyone is really really fucking smart? I mean, I can't say enough about how smart these people are. Did you also know that at my program 1 in 6 incoming first years make it through the program and earn their PhD? Place these two fact together in your head. I'll wait.
Ok, so, I have no time for blog updates, because I have to be better than a lot of really godawfully smart mofos to make it out of here. I will post a Cavs preview on or about the first of November, and perhaps an update when the quarter ends on 12/10 or so. Reading for pleasure? hahaahahahahaha.
Seriously though? It's fucking awesome. I'm having a fabulous time. Ciao!


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