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Saturday, December 27, 2003


Fun AIM conversation of the day

Inblooom: whatever, worrywart
DrW0rmm: (enter conan's nerd voice): NOOO! that's hoggwart! long live harry potter!
DrW0rmm: sorry if that was a stretch...never read the books myself
Inblooom: gosh, you managed to bring the conan nerd voice into internet messaging for the first pioneering time. congrats.
Inblooom: re: potter, close enough
DrW0rmm: you know me, always pushing the envelope
Inblooom: riiight
DrW0rmm: kevin, we're letting these things go
Inblooom: which things are these?
DrW0rmm: obsess much!
DrW0rmm: things such as how to spelling
Inblooom: i'm still not clear on the things in question...
DrW0rmm: unless that's not what you were refering to...
Inblooom: ah, spelling. my love and passion. i'll marry it one day
DrW0rmm: crap
DrW0rmm: and a match will be made
Inblooom: i'm a suitor
DrW0rmm: hahah!
DrW0rmm: (enter the cohen brothers)
Inblooom: jerks, every one of 'em. bonafide!

Editors note: that last bit is a backhand reference to O Brother Where Art Thou, the fine Coen Brothers Ulyssess-in-old-west-George-Clooney-headlined film.

Sunday, December 21, 2003


Tough Day

To get up at 4:15, to take a final exam, to spend the rest of the day until 1 am in the lab, skipping dinner, to not get the program done right but turn it in anyway b/c it's due, to come home miserable and lonely to a place where my roommates and friends have long since finished and left, such was my day.

I just don't know what to say. I'm ridiculously glad to be going home tomorrow, and I can't even get excited about 32-10-6 for LeBron in a cavs victory tonight. This has been a trying semester for me on both an academic and social level...I'm looking forward to some RandR at home and the best semester ever come january; a rekindling of old friendships that have slid away in the mess of work and personal struggles that have been these few months and growing closer to the new people in my life; with a light, interesting classload and the weight of NachOS off of my shoulders. Love and Peace to all humans today. It's time to be home.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003



glsonion9: you're going to lord of the rings tonight, i hate you

Every time I see Gwen Stefani, I wish she would just take the makeup off.

COMM final is open book! Ridiculous!

Monday, December 15, 2003


This Space For Sale

Went to see Dr. Lipari today to maybe get the last test back and ask her what the hell to study and she wasn't there and was coming back in a few minutes and I didn't feel like waiting around for her. I'm having a tough time making myself care about her exam considering the sweetness of my paper and the impending failure of Nachos makes me work on them always. So I'm meeting with the SarahK tomorrow and hoping that some of her caring rubs off on me, coz otherwise a bad test is in my future.

I won't rehash the personal drama of the weekend for you since the six of you that read this know already, but just to recap, fuck.

The Cavs traded Ricky! For almost nothing, but still, he's gone! LeBron is averaging 26.5 in the last that an All-Star berth I hear? Lost the 34th in a row on the road tonight, only nine away from the NBA record. :(

Christ, I might as well call this the Cavs weblog. I'll attempt to diversify, promise. This entry sucks. It's uninspired, and is really only happening because Ben Taylor can't get off the phone so we can go get some donuts. Better entries are in our future.

Friday, December 12, 2003


Peace Y'all

Nothing makes you feel more alive than building a Christmas tree out of old computer parts with a Chinese, a Bulgarian atheist, and an Indian. Shalom!

Cavs Win! Cavs Win!

My mother on the real world: "What you have to understand is that everyone is stupid. If you act and think as though everyone around your workplace needs help putting on their pants in the morning, you'll be very successful."

Wednesday, December 10, 2003



Yay midnight 12/17 LoTR. Just thought I'd get that out there.

Watched the Cavs last night. They lost, of course. Will and I knew they would lose. They threw the game away in the fourth quarter like they always do. The regular season ends in April...I can't do this for four more months.

Kate told me yesterday that my Parliament Lights were white trash fifteen year old girl cigarettes, which, frankly, I think is great. I buy them because they are cheap and I like the blue on blue packaging with the little crown. Will thinks I like them because they "bring the funk," which I guess they do to my lungs.

Sunday, December 07, 2003


Other things

Played Taboo on Friday. I love Taboo, except there's always that one word that you just can't get your team to guess even though you totally should be able to. When this happens to me, I spend the next three days thinking of better ways to give clues and telling myself what a big jerk I am for not being able to think of them. This time that word was "trendy". And do you know what I said first? "It's like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy these days", that's fucking what. Miserable, miserable, miserable. My team still won, but that's coz LN = Grandmaster Tabooista.

Also, the Cavs won last night, and I didn't watch. Before that, they'd lost eight in a row, of which I watched seven. I'm thinking of throwing away the tv.

Also, you ever feel like everything in your life is a direct opposition between what you ought to do and what you want to do? Me too. And which one do you pick? Yeah, me too. We ought to live a little once in a while, you and I. OO! And if we frame it as an ought, we'll actually do it!


Aim Conversation From Twenty Feet Away

Ben: This is my new screen name and I have a rash on my ass.
Kevin: ok, so the screen name i just block. the rash, i don't know what to do about
Ben: Snippy Snap. Prepare to pay for that comment with your life.
Kevin: yes sir
Ben: But seriously, got any ass cream?
Kevin: not the kind you're looking for, perv
Ben: So you DO have ass cream. HEY EVERYBODY KEVIN HAS ASS CREAM!
Kevin: i thought we agreed when we started this relationship that there were certain things we'd keep just to us, like your lingerie collection, and my ass cream. now that sacred trust has been violated
Ben: Papa Slops.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003


My Team

I haven't cared deeply about a professional sports team since the 1989 Cincinatti Bengals-Boomer Esiason, James Brooks, Ickey Woods and his eponymous shuffle. I watched them lose the Super Bowl to Joe Montana's 49ers at my best friends house across the street and ran home sobbing.

In the 90's, my best friend dropped out of school and got sent up for selling drugs and the Bengals became the worst team in football and I drifted away from both. But now I have the faith back for a new team: the 2003-04 Cleveland Cavaliers. And they are awful.

They've begun the year 4 up and 14 down. They've lost 32 straight games on the road. They blew a 24 point lead to lose in two overtimes to Memphis on Saturday. They blew a 15 point lead to lose in Denver last night. They feature this cast of characters:

Zydrunas Ilgauskas(not a stage name): Big Z's a 7 foot 3 balding Lithuanian. Can't run, can't pass, can't play defense, no jump hook. Solid in the paint, good jumper out to fifteen feet. Mysteriously selected All-Star a year ago. Good for three traveling violations a game.
Carlos Boozer: Banger. Good for 12 points and 10 boards. Undersized; good power forwards can destroy him. Has been out most of the year with an ankle injury.
Darius Miles(also not a stage name): Body of an NBA superstar. #3 pick in the 99 draft so he should be awesome, but no brain whatsoever. Enjoys a bong hit here and there. A dumb foul machine. Every shot and every pass is an adventure. Thunderous dunks.
Desagna Diop(you get the idea): 7 feet, 125 pounds. Twenty year old from Senegal. Awesome on the glass, blocks a ton of shots. Total offensive zero. Once picked up a foul playing backgammon. Just tore knee cartilage, see you in February.
J.R. Bremer: Slow and small, brought to the team because he's been a good shooter. For the year, he's last on the team in shooting percentage. Whoops.
Jason Kapono: Only guy on the team who can shoot the three. My mother plays better defense. Guards cross him over and dunk on his face, forwards post him up and dunk on his face.
Ricky Davis: Completely Insane. Once took a shot at his own rim to pad his rebounding statistics. Every so often, gets suspended by own team for unspecified violations. Constantly on the trade block. Doubles as the only guy on the team who can both shoot from outside and play perimeter defense. Every four games, puts it together and is absolutely unstoppable.

And then there's LeBron, savior LeBron. Leading the NBA in minutes played, leading rookies in points and assists and second in rebounds. Magic/Bird level passer. Absolutely unselfish. But...NO jump shot. Gets killed on the perimeter by quick guys. Dumb turnovers at crucial times. Too soft when he goes to the rim.

I still love these boys. They're in LA tonight, trying to avoid number 33. Pray for them.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Nice Things about Today

Mickel Swit: I bought you drinks in my dreams last night, you beautiful man.

Grocery shopping with Will...a pleasant task with a pleasant indivual.

Correctly answering a difficult question in OS.

Getting a 65 on my ASTR test, and walking out with a smile on my face knowing that I totally deserved it and that no one cared, including Dr. Winters, future employers/universities, and me.

The weather...good enough for outdoor soccer this afternoon.

Monday, December 01, 2003



I am rid of my cocaine-addled lab partner. See, I've been carrying his load all semester, and this Saturday he didn't comment his code like he was supposed to and then didn't show up to work with me on Sunday with no explanation. So I talked to Dr. Havill and he's cut loose, and I get to finish writing the operating system by my lonesome, (gulp). I'm a pro, it'll be fine.

In other news, I've been thinking today about how I should go to graduate school for philosophy sometime. I've always felt dispassionate about it and always had questions about its usefulness, but recently I've grown out of those things, as I've grown older in the discipline and gotten into more research oriented activities. And I've always liked it and been good at it. It's just...I'd have to go get a doctorate to make it worth my while, and that's a long time to commit, and I never saw myself in academia.

Thanksgiving was no break. I was here Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday coding. Things got done, and it was nice to have the time to focus on the computer stuff, but still...sucked. Otherwise I watched the Cavs blow three basketball games and some people that I haven't seen in a while, blah blah, glossing over promptly. My favorite part of dinner this year was the turkey, for the first time in history. Add a dab or two of cranberry sauce, place between two slices of my aunt's sweetbread, and it's magic time. Managed to avoid talking to my uncle the Scientologist(actually, don't think I'll capitalize that. My uncle, the scientologist. there).

It's real nice to have real internet again. Posting will resume to every other day or so frequencality.


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